If you have an old Samsung phone lying about and not being used, it might feel like you are missing an opportunity to do something with it. You are, of course, correct. There are plenty of options for old Samsung devices that will either bring you a bit of spare cash or make life a bit more interesting. This guide covers what to do when you no longer use a handset, and the best options for either selling, recycling, or repurposing it.

Old Samsung Phones: What’s the Verdict?

Android, like all its competitors, brings out new devices regularly. The S23 model is the latest available, and if you are a diehard Samsung fan, you will probably have already upgraded your device to see what the new one has to offer. However, this also means old ones are sitting in the drawer with nowhere to go and no purpose in the world. Lots of the older models still work great and have access to the latest OS updates, so it doesn’t make any sense at all to leave them sitting there redundant! Sure, the cameras tend to be better, and the displays are more appealing on the newer models, but that is why people upgrade in the first place. Tech is always changing, but that doesn’t mean that the old hardware doesn’t have a place.

Old Samsung Phone Recycling Options

Recycling old handsets is not a new concept. There are a handful of providers, including Android itself, who will take your old phone in exchange for remuneration or sometimes towards the cost of a new upgrade. There is a dedicated service for Samsung phones from Android that allows you to conveniently search for the value and send it in with minimal fuss. Other platforms like Music Magpie also offer similar business models, but there are no direct ties or affiliations with Android, so these are not the place to look for an upgrade.

What to Do With Your Old Phone? Alternative Paths

Selling your phone, however, feels like the obvious choice and while it may be the one that leads to some money in your pocket, it is also the least innovative option available to you. There are plenty of other ways to use these old devices and here are the top picks.

Keep a Spare Device in Case of a Break

Phones break, and there is no avoiding this fact. Therefore, it is always a great idea to have one stored away for when the inevitable happens. While buying insurance is a protective factor in this, in that you are covered for repairs and replacement should the worst happen, having an old device lying in wait ready to be used is extremely handy. So, despite there being little point in hoarding all of your old tech, keeping one as a safety net is just smart thinking.

Repurpose It for Your Children

If you are a parent, your children have undoubtedly already shown an interest in your phone and everything you do on there. Chances are, they already understand the basics of using one and while there is a strong argument against over-exposure to technology at a young age, with the right management and insight, it can be highly beneficial. An old device is a perfect place to start because you aren’t investing any further money into the project, and if it breaks (as toys often do), it was a lesson learnt with nothing too valuable lost in the fallout.

There are all sorts of educational apps, fun games, and let’s not forget how much children love playing with the picture-taking features. It could be an opportunity for learning and bonding — just remember to turn on all of the parental control options and safety features to ensure they are kept protected. Screen time is a good thing if handled properly and limited too.

Turn It Into a Universal Remote

Did you know that television remotes are one of the most misplaced items all over the world? Regardless of whether there is a dedicated place for it or not, it always finds a way to elude you — it’s just one of those things. For when the day comes when it looks like your remote grew legs and ran away, your old Samsung is the answer you’ve been searching for. Some apps turn mobile phones into universal remote controls that are useful in situations like this, and very convenient too. Not only does it eliminate the need for multiple remote controls, because everything is controllable from one place, but it also means, if you get stuck, you have the option of using the phone instead.

Use It for Business Meetings

Lots of old Androids have great cameras and microphones built in. Therefore, they are a great option for conducting business meetings professionally. If you spend your workday at home talking to people here there and everywhere, setting an old device up as a video conference platform is easy and convenient. It can stay permanently hooked up and tuned in and will make life that much easier in the knowledge that your meeting set up is ready and waiting for you to do business.

Go Down the Sentimental Path

There will always be a place in our homes for printed photographs. However, with the wave of recent inventions taking centre stage, it is hard to ignore the successful market of digital photo frames. Your phone could be the cost-effective alternative to purchasing one, and it works in much the same way if you know how to set it up. Simply place your phone in a stand, hook things up to the cloud photo sharing and switch it on as a lovely display piece that will make you happy every time you look at it.

Save Money on Kindles by Making Your Own

E-readers are slowly but surely replacing paper books. They are better for the environment, and despite books always having a place in society, e-readers like Kindles are leading the market in so many ways. However, they are still fairly pricy. So, you have a ready-made and fully capable option sitting in a drawer and it should absolutely be taken advantage of. You will save some money and still have access to the world of virtual reading as and when the need arises. The e-reader market is only going to grow, and it’s not just adult books that are on there either. There are thousands of children’s books too, some of which (just like the grown-up ones) are not on the physical market.

Wireless Computer Controller

Much like being able to control the television and streaming services from your old Android, you can also do the same with your computer. Windows, Mac, and Linux are all fully capable of being controlled wirelessly through your phone if you download an app and get to know the basic principles behind the software. You can control things like the mouse trackpad, keyboard, and volume all from one place which makes things like hosting meetings and presenting easier. Plus, it is a great bit of fun to be had as well if you are a bit of a tech enthusiast.

So, your old Samsung doesn’t have to sit gathering dust. It can be used for a number of reasons, including recycling it for money or towards a new model.