Is it cheaper to buy a phone outright or on a contract?

It’s a common question for those interested in getting a new phone – should you buy a handset outright, or is it better to commit to a contract? With the plethora of options available today, the decision-making process can become a bit overwhelming. To help you make the right decision for you, let’s explore the

Is 5G Better Than 4G?

With the evolving world of mobile communication, it’s no surprise that many are wondering about the impact of 5G and how it compares to its predecessor, 4G. As our reliance on mobile devices grows, so does the need for faster and more reliable internet connections. So, how does 5G measure up against 4G? 5G vs.

Can Passengers Use Mobile Phones in Cars?

With the advent of smartphones, the lines have become blurred between acceptable and unacceptable use of mobile phones in cars. While it’s common knowledge that drivers should refrain from using their phones to avoid distractions, what about passengers? Can they casually scroll through their social media, answer calls or send a quick text? Let’s explore

Is Instagram Data Heavy?

Social media has woven its way into our daily lives, offering avenues for communication, entertainment, and a daily dose of visual delight. Among them, Instagram stands out as a predominantly visual platform. But with every scroll, double-tap, and story upload, how much are we contributing to our data consumption? Let’s explore the details. How Much

Reasons why a laptop won’t connect to an iPhone hotspot

You’re in the middle of a trip, or maybe just out and about, and you need to connect your laptop to the internet. You think, ‘No worries! I’ll just use my iPhone’s personal hotspot’. But then, the unexpected happens – your laptop won’t connect. What a frustrating situation! This can happen from time to time

How to Set Up Voicemail on an iPhone

Gone are the days when missing a call meant the possibility of never hearing back from that person again. Voicemail has transformed the way we handle those missed calls, ensuring that we can always stay connected, even when we’re not available to pick up the phone. If you have an iPhone and you’re curious about

Can You Transfer a Landline Number to a Mobile Phone?

Whether you are decluttering or want to move to a mobile-only lifestyle, one question frequently arises: can I transfer my landline number to a mobile phone? In the past, your landline number was a steadfast link to your identity – an unchangeable constant in the myriad of residential moves, job changes, and life’s many transitions.

What is an IMEI number?

The IMEI number is one of those terms that many of us might have heard, but few have explored its specifics. Standing for ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’, this number serves a unique purpose in the world of mobile communication. Read on to find out more about it. What is IMEI Number? Every mobile phone, whether

What advantages do dual SIM phones offer?

In a rapidly evolving technological world, the way we communicate has changed dramatically over the years. Enter dual SIM phones – a game changer in the realm of mobile communication. These devices have quietly but firmly established themselves in our daily lives, but what makes them stand out from their single-SIM counterparts? Let’s explore the

The Top 4 Tablets

It’s a rapidly evolving world out there, especially when it comes to technology. Consumers, now more than ever, find themselves swamped with choices. Whether you’re looking for a device to make remote work more convenient, to binge-watch your favourite series, or to dive into an e-book, tablets have quicky become the go-to device. But how