Making a bit of extra cash is always a welcome opportunity. Not only does it come handy to indulge or treat ourselves, in uncertain times like what we are living in currently, it can help us tide over rough patches and bring in a sense of financially security.

With thousands of UK citizens losing their jobs every day because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the number set to rise despite the Finance Minister’s most recent interventions, many people are now looking for alternative forms of income.

And, even for some of us who are fortunate to keep our jobs, a bit of extra cash at hand can only help when times are tough! At Lebara, we understand that these are difficult times, which is why we’ve put together a guide on how to make money online from home.


Refer A Friend To Earn Cash

If you’re a happy Lebara customer, and you want to share the love, then consider signing up for our Refer & Earn programme. All you have to do is refer a friend for one of our SIM only plans, and you could earn up to £50 in cash!

We don’t want your friend to miss out either, which is why we offer every friend that you sign up double the data on their plan for the first month.

There’s no restrictions or sign-up fees; just make an account, get your unique referral link, and get started sending it out to your friends. If one of them signs up using it, then you make money.

It’s a win-win for everyone, and as we offer such fantastic customer service and a wide range of SIM-only and Pay-As-You-Go deals, your friends won’t take much convincing.

Switch Your Bank Account

Switching bank accounts might sound like a lot of hassle, but many banks offer you a bonus if you switch to their account, and you could also earn more interest in the long run.

Check out the best switching bonuses on offer from UK banks, to find the account that suits your needs and then contact the bank. They can help you to switch your account, and get a little extra money in it, without much hard work.

Moving to a new bank account could earn you several hundreds of pounds, but doing it regularly can become tedious and waste your precious spare time, so check out our other money-making techniques for your long-term plan.

Sell Unwanted Items Online For Instant Cash

During the lockdown, when you had to stay at home all the time, you might have noticed that you’ve got a lot of stuff that you don’t use or want anymore.

If your items are in good condition, then you could consider selling them online for some extra cash. There are loads of online sales platforms out there, or you could try using a free solution like Facebook to attract buyers, making this a great way to make money from home.

When selling items online, you should first check out how much they’re worth. Some items might look like old junk, but if they’re collectable or rare, then they could be worth a lot of money to a discerning collector.

Certain products hold their value better than others; for example, old phones can be worth a lot of money to the right buyer. That’s because if your old handset is in good condition, and still gets software updates, then it could be ideal for someone who wants to get a good phone at a low price.

Many phone buyers are turning to flexible solutions like Pay-As-You-Go plans and SIM-only deals, instead of traditional phone contracts, and as such, they want to buy a quality, second-hand phone. Find out which used phones are worth a lot of money, and if you have one, then consider selling it online for some quick cash.

Work Part-Time As A Virtual Assistant

As businesses look for cost savings, many of them are turning to virtual assistants to save money on an in-house member of staff.

A virtual assistant is someone who works for a company in a freelance capacity and provides administrative support when they need it. You might only complete one small project for a client, or you might end up working with them for several months, but either way, you’ll earn money without leaving home.

Becoming a virtual assistant not only earns you extra money but also gives you new skills to put on your CV, which could enhance your future job prospects.

Try Your Hand At Copy Trading

Investing online might sound daunting, but copy trading is an easy way to reduce the risk while learning about trading and, potentially, making some money at the same time.

This approach allows you to check out the trades made by successful investors, and then mirror them to improve your chances of succeeding. There are many copy trading platforms out there, so you can find one that works for you and gives you the chance to learn investing from the best.

When investing your money, there’s always a risk, but copy trading can help you to reduce this risk and learn about how to choose the right trades. You must keep an eye on your trades at all times, even if you have to venture out of the house.

Many copy trading platforms use bold graphics and instant updates, which can use a lot of your mobile data. Make sure that you’ve always got enough mobile internet by checking out Lebara’s unlimited data plans. You’ll never run out of data when you choose one of our mobile plans- even if you don’t get unlimited data, you can always add on extra with our add-ons, or switch your plan at no extra cost.

Take Paid Surveys For Cash 

A quick and easy way to make some extra cash from home is to take paid surveys online. Many companies will pay you cash for answering a few simple questions.

Alternatively, they might offer you a discount on their products and services, in which case you should choose survey providers whose products you use.

Taking paid surveys is an easy way to make extra money, as it doesn’t take long to answer a few simple questions. However, you don’t usually make a lot of money, so it’s best for people who are looking to make a little extra for treats, rather than anyone who wants to improve their financial health.

Become A Mystery Shopper

Most of the people who are reading this post will love shopping- after all, that’s why you want some extra cash! Becoming a mystery shopper could be the ideal solution for you.

If you want to start mystery shopping, you have to do is sign up with a platform, and then buy the items that they ask you to, for which they will reimburse you. You’ll also get paid for your time, so you get a free product as well as extra money.

Many online shopping products will allow you to make online purchases, but some might request that you visit a store or even eat out at a restaurant, so if you do become a mystery shopper then you might need to be prepared to venture out of your home.

If you’re unsure about leaving your home during these challenging and scary times, then you can refuse those tasks, or consider using one of the other money-making methods on this list.

Sell Your Pictures

If you’re a budding photographer who loves to take artistic snaps, then consider selling them online. Many platforms allow you to sell your images online, so you can find one that pays you the money you want for your beautiful pictures.

Some platforms pay royalties for every time someone uses your photo, while others buy the rights to the image from you, so check out the terms before you agree to sell your images. Selling the image outright might seem like a quick way to make cash, but you might lose out in the long run, so consider the best solution before you commit to selling your photos.

Choose a platform that gives you named credit for the images so that you can also raise your online profile and expand your portfolio. You can then use this exposure to bid for paying photography jobs and increase your chances of building a successful career as a professional photographer.

Stream Yourself Playing Video Games

It almost sounds too good to be true- that you can get paid to play video games. However, many viewers love watching videos of people playing games, so you could earn big money if you start filming yourself and sharing the video online.

You could set up a YouTube channel and monetise it, or you could use sites like Twitch, which is dedicated to gamers and allows you to reach your target audience quickly and easily.

By allowing paid adverts on your videos or charging people to view them, you can quickly earn extra cash while playing your favourite video games.

Share Your Skills Online

Online tutoring is an easy way to earn money because you don’t need a degree and lots of experience like you do if you want to become a teacher in a school.

Instead, you sign up on a platform and explain what you’re able to teach, then wait for potential students to reach out to you.

There are many different types of online tutors offering different services, so you should be able to find a solution that suits you and your skillset. If you recently left school, then you could help tutor children and help them to pass their exams.

Adults also need tutors, particularly if they want to learn a new skill like how to play a musical instrument or use a complicated piece of software.

If you have a skill that others will want to learn, then you could make money from it by offering online tutoring services. You can offer lessons over the phone or via video conference, so you don’t need to leave your house or even get fully dressed!

Edit, Proofread Or Transcribe

Written content is king, but many businesses struggle to produce the professional writing that they need. As such, they often hire online editors and proof-readers to save time and effort.

Try bidding for paid proofreading and editing jobs on freelance sites like Fiverr or Upwork, and then as you grow your experience, you can go for more significant projects and more money.

You could also offer transcription services and turn verbal content into writing. As companies move online, they are using video conferences more often, and as such, they require more transcription services. If you take on a few small jobs and complete them to a high standard, then you can earn yourself a reputation as a reliable transcriber.

You won’t need to leave the house to get these jobs, or even get dressed- you could transcribe from your bed in your PJs if you wish!

Start A Blog

As you’re reading this on a blog, then the chances are that you already know how useful they can be for readers. What you probably didn’t know is that it’s not only respected companies like Lebara that have popular blogs but also individuals, who can make money from them if they work hard.

It’s not as difficult as you might think to monetise your blog, but you will need to work hard to build up a following and create a blog that companies want to pay to use as an advertising platform.

The best way to build your following and start making money from your blog is to produce informative, well-written content that appeals to your readers. Keep checking our blog to find useful tips on how to save money and get the best value out of your hard-earned money.

*Disclaimer* The tips and recommendations on this blog are for general guidance only and should not be considered as professional advice. We recommend customers always do their own research and seek professional advice where required when making financial decisions of any kind.