Are you on the hunt for a new smartphone? Are you willing to step outside the box and try a device and brand that is new to you? Do you have a list of needs plus a specific price point you want to stick within? These are common requests that consumers have, as a smartphone can feel like a small investment. You want to be sure it doesn’t just meet your needs now, but also for the next few years.

One device that is gaining lots of traction as of late is the Honor Magic 4 Pro. What makes the device all the more attractive is the fact that it’s getting such impressive reviews across the board from both consumers and experts. Not sure if it’s the best option for you? Let’s dissect all there is to know about the Honor 4 Pro so you can decide if it’s the ideal smartphone for your needs.

Honor 4 Pro – It’s All About the Hardware

There is plenty to discuss about the Honor Magic 4 Pro, but we’d be remiss not to start with the hardware. This is where the smartphone shines and truly stands up to the competition. While there may be bumps in the road in other categories, the hardware is nothing short of spectacular. The refresh rate in particular shines, which should make many people happy.


Performance is classified as “premium” which means users can look forward to fast, smooth and consistent service and functionality. It’s the kind of hardware specs that make you want to use your phone because it responds so well. When you test this device against those from Google, Xiaomi and Samsung, the Honor Magic 4 Pro does exceptionally well.

The Honor Magic 4 Pro UK Release Date – Still a Newcomer

Honor has a bit of an interesting history too, as it was owned by Huawei, but due to the many political issues and sanctions facing the company, it sold Honor. Honor is now a fully independent organisation and this is its flagship device. The Honor Magic 4 Pro UK release date was about a year ago, and it’s still working on building name and brand recognition in the industry.

An Oversized Phone With a Unique Design

The thing about calling something a ‘unique design’ is that it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. There will be those who find the design to be eye-catching and fun, and those who find it too big and clunky. It’s one of those devices you need to see in person, hold in your hand and get a better scope of sizing.

The display is a rather big 6.8″ OLED which could be ideal for those who do a lot of gaming on their device. And it’s not just a big screen, it’s also excellent quality with sharp images and excellent colour contrast. The screen is also quad-curved, which is another slightly unusual feature. The Honor wanted to step out of the box and offer a creative take on smartphone design.

While Honor initially showed the phone in various colours, it’s not clear if all will be available. If you plan on placing your phone in a protective case, the colour of the device itself really won’t matter. Its glossy glass finish is the type of material that shows every fingerprint, giving you even more reasons to use a protective case.

It’s worth noting that the screen brightness is a little lower than competitors, but it’s not so low that you’ll find it difficult to use in sunny conditions. The dimmer brightness will ensure better battery consumption, allowing you to get more time out of the charge.

Scared of Water Damage? Honor Magic 4 Pro Plus is Water Resistant

Here’s a feature that more and more consumers are looking for, as it can save you the hassle and the cost of having to repair or replace your device. Not having to worry about a little water damaging your phone is huge, and the fact that this device features IP68 water-resistance acts as a big selling point. No one plans on accidentally dropping their phone in water or getting caught in heavy rain, but life happens, so it’s nice to know your phone can handle it. This also helps to protect it from dust, which can also do a number on your device.

Consider Yourself a Photo Enthusiast? Triple Cameras Will Be a Huge Pro

Just about everyone that owns a smartphone uses it at some point or another to take a photograph. If you consider yourself a photography enthusiast and are constantly snapping pics, the fact that this one has a triple camera system should act as a huge pro. It is 50MP wide and has ultra-wide sensors. What makes it extra exciting is the 64MP periscope telephoto feature with a 3.5x optical zoom. Just imagine how that will transform the quality of your pictures.

The Honor Magic 4 Pro Price Is Quite Competitive

The Honor Magic 4 Pro price varies depending on where you purchase it from and if there are any current deals and promotions you can take advantage of. At the time of review, this device was priced around the £949 mark, but again, you may be able to find it for less. This puts it at the same price point as other well-known and high-quality phones that you may be more familiar with. It also means that the Honor Magic 4 Pro is competitive in terms of pricing.

What About Storage?

Storage is always a big issue, especially when you’re taking a lot of photos, and videos, and want to be able to download content and apps. The model available in the UK comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, which means it is a bit cheaper than Samsung and iPhone models with the same specs.

The Sound Comes With Pros and Cons

We also want to touch on the sound quality, which is excellent. If you stream television shows and movies, you’ll be more than satisfied with the quality. However, there is no headphone jack – which may or may not be an issue.

Be Aware of the Negatives

The good news is that the Honor Magic 4 Pro is overall a great device, but there are still a few negatives for consumers to be aware of. The battery life certainly isn’t going to leave people thrilled, but it may not be a deal-breaker either. It depends on how you use your device and if you mind charging it more often.

Some people have also complained that the design and look of the smartphone feel a bit dated and clunky. It’s far from the sleek streamlined design that so many other smartphones feature.

Then we’ve got the user interface, which gets the job done but perhaps not in the most visually appealing way.

Because the Honor Magic 4 Pro has such a unique-looking design, including the ultra-reflective tinted mirror finish, it’s one of those things you either love or hate at first site. The camera module takes up a huge portion of the backside of the device thanks to the telephoto lens. Keep in mind that while it may look “weird” this camera module serves an important purpose.

The messaging is simple with the Honor Magic 4 Pro: this is a smartphone that shouldn’t be overlooked despite the fact that it is a newcomer in the market.