If you are in the market for a phone, you have to choose between an iOS and Android device. There are only a few options if you go with an iPhone, but you get a much wider selection if you go with Android. Google, which owns Android, has been making phones for over a decade, starting with its Nexus line and then the Pixel line. The newest Google Pixel phones are the best Android phones you can buy right now, and we explore why you should buy one below.

The Newest Google Pixel Phones Have a Great Software Design

There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of phone models that run on the Android operating system. Because pure Android looks the same regardless of the phone it is installed in, phone companies differentiate their phones from their competitors by creating custom Android ROMs – operating systems.

These ROMs make the operating system look, feel, and operate differently depending on what the manufacturers want and what they think their customers would want.


Google Pixel phones have some of the most beautiful ROMs in the Android world, and the software on these devices, known as Pixel UI, follows a consistent design based on Google material design. Users also get lots of customization options to make their phones truly their own. The designs users create make Pixel devices look better than other Android phones and even iOS devices.

They Provide a Pure Android Experience

Besides the Pixel UI used by the newest Google Pixel phones, Google does not add anything else to the Android operating system, meaning you get a pure Android experience. This is why Pixel phones do not have the bloatware or additional apps you typically find on phones from other manufacturers.

The streamlined and simplified Android experience also makes Google Pixel phones very easy to learn, as there are no convoluted menus or settings.

The Google Pixel Has Amazing Cameras

Google Pixel phones are also known for their excellent camera systems, even though the company does not use high-end, one-inch sensors like other phone manufacturers. Rather than adding such hardware to their phones, the tech giant focuses on using as few camera components as possible and leaning on software.

Google makes its camera systems smarter and more capable than its competitors’ using advanced image processing algorithms and machine learning technologies. Combining these technologies and other features like HDR+ means that Google Pixel phones take better photographs while also having cameras that are easy to use for everyone.

Google Pixel phones also have amazing photo editing capabilities and features. One of these is Photo Unblur which removes blurring from images taken on the phone and those taken by other cameras. Another is object removal where the editing software removes objects from photos while stitching the background seamlessly after the removal. It can also isolate subjects so you can copy and paste them elsewhere.

The Latest Google Pixel Phone Come With Exclusive Features

Many people do not know that Google Pixel 7 series phones have features other phones do not. These include:

  • Spam call filtering.
  • Call screen – This feature uses Google Assistant to answer calls for you and transcribe what the caller is saying so you can see it on the screen. Once you know what they are saying, you can decide whether to pick up the call.
  • Hold for me – This feature tells you when a wait is over when calling an agent so you can speak to them.
  • Automatic transcriptions – This feature is helpful for journalists and people who attend lots of meetings.

They Are Fast, Responsive, and Secure

Google switched to its in-house Tensor chips a few years ago, and it now includes second-generation Tensor chips in the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Designing and developing these chips in-house gives them total control over their performance and optimisation, meaning Google can get more out of them. Every new Google Pixel phone now benefits from better performance compared to phones of the past.

When you have total control over chip production, you can also ensure your chips are secure. The security comes from the different features the company has added to its chips and tweaks to how the chip and the rest of the hardware interact with the software.

Each Google Pixel New Phone Gets Google One VPN

If you are serious about security on your smartphone, you should always use a VPN to secure your connections, especially if you connect your phone to public or unknown Wi-Fi networks. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) creates an encrypted tunnel that makes it difficult for malicious actors to access your data and hides your IP address and location for privacy and anonymity if you desire.

Google announced that it would make its Google One VPN service available to people who purchase any of the Pixel 7 Phones. The service will be included as part of the purchase of the Google Pixel latest phone, and it is excellent for Pixel users due to Google’s position, capabilities and capacity. Google remains the world’s biggest tech and internet company, so they know a lot about keeping data safe and ensuring fast connectivity.

They want to leverage their vast network and data centre capacity to ensure fast internet access and service for everyone using their Google One VPN service. Google says it has a zero-log policy, which is a massive advantage for those wanting complete privacy. It also says that the service will only be available in select countries before it is rolled out everywhere.

Google Pixel Latest Phone Will Receive Regular and Fast Software Updates

Pixel phones receive regular updates from Google, and they are typically the first devices to receive security and software updates. They also regularly receive new features, such as better camera software before devices from other manufacturers.

The Google Pixel Phone Price is Incredibly Reasonable

Another reason to go with a Google Pixel phone is that they are now very affordable, especially compared to phones with similar features and performance. Google can keep this cost low by controlling every aspect of the phone’s production and only releasing a few models yearly.

Newer Pixel phones are essentially the same phones but with slightly different features and sizes for differentiation. They use the same software, hardware, and camera systems, meaning Google saves money by not having to implement these differently in each phone.

As mentioned above, Google also has total control over Tensor chip design and development, meaning that the cost per chip is much lower than it would be if they went with a third-party company like TSMC.

It is also speculated that Google keeps the Google Pixel phone prices comparatively low because they are a gateway to Google services. Pixel phones use numerous Google services, and the company can increase its market share in these areas and the usage of these services by ensuring as many people as possible use them.

Amazing Integration With Google Service

Related to the point discussed above, Google Pixel phones have tight and seamless integrations with all Google services. These include Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, which the company can optimise for their devices because they make all of them.

Anyone considering a new Android phone or switching to one should consider Google Pixel phones. These phones have numerous attractive features, are the most up-to-date Android devices, have tight integration with Google services, and are a very affordable option.