In today’s fast-paced digital age, it’s no surprise that businesses are turning to technology to support their employees’ health and wellbeing. With a huge range of apps available, it’s imperative for employers to identify which ones offer the best features and functionality to promote a holistic approach to wellness. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best tools to enhance the overall wellbeing of your staff, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore some of the top employee wellness apps out there.

Why Are Employee Wellness Apps in Demand?

To start, let’s first establish why there’s a surge in the demand for these apps. Employees are the backbone of any organisation. Their health, both physical and mental, directly impacts productivity, morale, and even company culture. As organisations recognise the value of supporting employee wellness, many have started to integrate these digital tools into their benefits packages.

What are the Benefits of a Workplace Wellbeing App?

A workplace wellbeing app is more than just a tool; it’s a way for businesses to express care for their employees. It offers features that can help users manage stress, get sound sleep, and even improve dietary habits. What’s more, they’re easily accessible, as most people own a smartphone or tablet. And let’s not forget, by encouraging a culture that prioritises health, companies can also reduce absenteeism and increase employee retention.


Features of an Employee Wellbeing App

The right app should offer a variety of features. This could range from daily mindfulness exercises and guided meditation sessions in fitness tracking and personalised health tips. Some apps also provide cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to help employees cope with anxiety, stress, or depression. Plus, an excellent app may have gamified challenges to encourage regular usage and build a sense of community among employees.

Investing in a Corporate Wellness App

When you decide to invest in a corporate wellness app, it’s not just about the immediate benefits. You’re looking at long-term returns. Employees are likely to feel valued, leading to increased loyalty and dedication. Plus, a healthy employee can contribute more effectively, boosting the overall growth and prosperity of the company.

Top Picks for an Employee Wellness App

With numerous apps available, narrowing down the best can sometimes be challenging. When selecting the right app for your organisation, consider the needs of your employees, the app’s user-friendliness, and its ability to integrate with other systems. Research reviews, get feedback, and possibly even test a few before you make a final decision.

What are the Top Employee Wellness Apps?

There’s a vast selection of employee wellness apps and programmes available, with each offering unique features catering to different aspects of health and wellbeing. Let’s explore some of the standout options available, the features they offer, and what makes them an ideal choice for any workplace.

1.    MyPossibleSelf

MyPossibleSelf is an app that offers modules designed to address various aspects of mental wellbeing, including stress, anxiety, and depressive episodes. Developed in collaboration with health professionals, this app’s techniques are rooted in clinically proven methods and holistic approaches. Users can record their feelings, monitor changes, and identify patterns that might be impacting their mental health.

2.    FitBliss

Fitness meets productivity with this app. FitBliss brings a fresh perspective to workplace wellness by connecting physical fitness to job performance. Employees can track their workouts, join company-wide fitness challenges, and even integrate their health metrics with their work calendars. The idea is simple – a fitter employee is likely to be a happier and more productive one.

3.    Unmind

A tool specifically designed for businesses, Unmind offers scientifically-backed modules on mental health and wellbeing, with a focus on empowering employee mental health. It covers a spectrum of topics, from coping with stress to encouraging positivity. Plus, the app offers personal scores, allowing employees to track their mental wellbeing over time.

4.    Headspace for Work

Most people have heard of Headspace in a personal capacity, but their offering for workplaces is equally impressive. This app offers guided meditations, focus enhancers, and sleep assistance to ensure employees are mentally refreshed. What’s more, the app provides resources tailored to address work-specific challenges, including productivity blocks and professional stress.

5.    Limeade

Limeade is a comprehensive platform that addresses both physical and mental wellbeing. Features include health assessments, activity challenges, and behavioural health tools. What sets Limeade apart is its emphasis on inclusion, ensuring every employee feels connected and cared for, irrespective of their location or job function.

6.    Peppy

Peppy is an employee wellness app that stands out due to its focus on providing expert support during significant life transitions, such as becoming a parent or experiencing menopause. Employees can access one-to-one chat support with professionals, ensuring they have the guidance they need during challenging times.

7.    Virgin Pulse

Known for its dynamic user experience, Virgin Pulse is a multifaceted wellness app that promotes daily habits to improve health. Features range from sleep tracking to stress management, and the app frequently uses nudges to keep users engaged. With its data-driven insights, companies can also monitor the overall wellbeing of their workforce.

8.    Grokker

Grokker offers a range of video-led wellness programs, including fitness, mental health, sleep, and nutrition. Employees can choose the ones that they resonate with the most, ensuring a personalised approach to wellbeing. Plus, the platform encourages a sense of community, allowing users to connect and share their wellness journeys.

9.    Total Brain

Total Brain is another app that stands out with its foundation in neuroscience, providing tools that measure, screen, and train a range of cognitive and emotional functions. Employees receive insights into their mental capacities, strengths, and areas for improvement, backed by actionable recommendations to boost overall brain health.

10. Wellable

Wellable offers a suite of tools, but its USP is its ability to integrate with a multitude of apps and wearables. This means employees can choose their preferred tools, and Wellable will seamlessly bring all data together, allowing a consolidated view of health and wellness metrics.


Thrive is a great app for those looking to transform daily stresses into successful outcomes. Created in conjunction with mental health professionals and researchers, the app offers a selection of tools aimed at preventing and managing stress, anxiety, and related conditions. One notable feature is the ‘Mood Meter’, allowing users to track their emotional state daily. Through gamified tasks, users are also taught resilience techniques and relaxation strategies.


If you’re familiar with tracking steps or calories for physical health, Moodfit introduces this concept for mental wellbeing. This app is equipped with tools to help users understand and improve their moods. From guided meditations and cognitive behavioural therapy-based expercises to mood tracking and feedback, it takes a comprehensive approach. Its foundation is built on the idea that much like physical fitness, mental fitness requires daily practices and exercises.

With the ever-growing range of wellness apps available in the market, employers are spoilt for choice. Each app provides a unique set of tools and approaches, ensuring that every company can find the perfect fit for their workforce. By integrating these digital solutions into the workplace, employers not only promote health and wellbeing, but also set the stage for a more productive and engaged team. It’s an investment in the future, for both individuals and the organisation as a whole.