Are you looking to trim down your mobile phone bill expenses? Discover the incredible capabilities of our Mobile Phone Contract Calculator. This simple tool allows you to quickly determine if switching to one of our SIM only plans and buying a phone outright could lead to significant savings on your monthly phone costs, compared to taking out a conventional mobile phone contract.

Whether you currently have a mobile phone on contract or you are considering one, use our simple tool to understand which option will be cheaper and by how much. Both over the term and per month effectively. 

Introduction to the Mobile Phone Contract Calculator

Why Your Phone Contract Might Be Costing You More

Traditional phone contracts include the cost of handset and airtime, often with a huge data allowance that you wont ever use. Additionally they would pack in many additional services that you often do not need. They then would mostly advertise the monthly price to trick you into believing that its very cheap. They do this to lock you into a long term contract.  


The reality however is that, most customers end up paying significantly more than what they would otherwise do, if they bought the phone outright and bought a sim only plan on the side. Our Mobile Phone Contract Calculator aims to help you easily compare the two options and show how much money you could save if you went with the smarter option.

The Need for a Mobile Phone Contract Calculator

With a plethora of plans available, each with its own set of features and costs, finding the most cost-effective option that aligns with your personal usage can be a challenge. The Mobile Phone Contract Calculator arises from this necessity – to simplify the complexity and empower users to make informed decisions. It helps to compare the long-term costs of any given mobile phone contract to buying a mobile phone outright with a SIM-only plan. Transparency is key in managing personal finances, even more in the current cost of living crisis.

Understanding How the Mobile Phone Contract Calculator Works

The Key Information You Provide

To get the most accurate results from our Mobile Phone Contract Calculator, you will need to provide input details on the mobile phone contract you are currently on or considering along with the cost of the handset SIM free with the data you require. The calculator uses this information to compare the mobile phone contract with our SIM only deals and the price of buying the handset outright, identifying the cheaper deal. By entering precise details, you ensure that the calculator can offer a clear picture of potential savings and understand whether it is cheaper to buy the handset outright with one of our SIM only plans or to take out a mobile phone contract that includes the price of the handset and airtime.

Harnessing the Power of Our SIM-Only Deals

Savings Potential: Contract Versus SIM-Only

The core advantage of a SIM only deal lies in its potential for considerable savings compared to traditional contracts. Without the cost of a handset tied into your monthly payments, you can often get more data, minutes, and texts for a lower price. Contracts may seem like a good deal initially, especially when they come with the latest smartphone, but the overall expense over the contract term can end up being higher, with the disadvantage that your provider may be able to increase prices mid-contract. By separating the cost of the phone from the service, SIM only plans offer the flexibility to choose a service level that matches your actual usage, and some plans allow you to switch plans or cancel if your requirements change. This approach can lead to significant savings, particularly for those who prefer to keep their existing phones longer or purchase their devices outright as and when they need to. 

Reason to Switch: Evaluating Your Mobile Needs

Deciding to switch to a SIM-only deal should be based on a clear evaluation of your mobile needs. For many, the convenience of having an all-in-one contract is overshadowed by the cost savings of a SIM only plan. Consider how much data you really use, especially with the availability of Wi-Fi at home, work, or public places. If you find that you’re consistently using less than what your contract offers, you’re essentially paying for unused resources. Additionally, if you’re comfortable with your current handset, there’s little reason to commit to a new contract just to get a new phone. A SIM only plan usually offers the flexibility to change your data allowance as your needs evolve, without being locked into a long-term contract. Taking a moment to assess your actual usage can reveal that a SIM only deal is not only more economical but also better tailored to your lifestyle.

Answering the Call to Action

Make the Switch: Maximise Your Savings Today

If the calculator’s results indicate you could save by switching to one of our recommended SIM only plans, it’s time to consider making the change. Maximising your savings is straightforward—first, if you are already on a contract, verify the end date with your network provider to avoid any early termination fees. 

Once you’ve purchased your required plan, the switch is simple. We’ll provide you with a new SIM card, which you can insert into your existing phone. With no disruption to your service, you’ll start enjoying lower bills and the flexibility of a SIM only plan immediately. It’s a practical step towards smarter spending and keeping more money in your pocket.

Accessible Communication for All with Lebara

At Lebara, we are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to affordable and transparent mobile communication services. Our mission extends beyond just offering savings—we aim to provide a service that caters to everyone. Our SIM only deals are designed so you can do more of what you love such as talk, text, and browse at great value.

We understand the importance of staying in touch across borders without worrying about high costs. That’s why our plans often include generous international calling allowances so you can stay in touch with loved ones abroad. With Lebara, you’re not just choosing a mobile service provider; you’re joining a community that values easy, accessible, and cost-effective communication for all, helping you maintain those vital connections that matter the most.

Try our Phone Contract Cost Calculator today to see if you could save money.