Smartphones are a popular solution that makes modern life much more comfortable. As many as 84% of UK adults own a smartphone, and we use them for almost everything.

Phones have transformed from ways to call and text others into a source of entertainment and a device that can be used for work and play.

From ordering food to shopping online, playing games, to watching TV, you can do almost anything on a mobile phone in 2021.

As consumers have embraced smartphones, so too have manufacturers and phone networks. As such, there are now hundreds of phones to choose from and many networks providing you with great mobile deals.

At Lebara, we understand that today’s consumers have many choices when it comes to getting their dream phone plan.

We also know that many modern phone buyers don’t want to be locked into a traditional phone contract with limited flexibility.

That’s why we offer a range of SIM-Only phone plans, so you can find the SIM-Only deal to suit your needs and give you the options you crave.

Choosing the perfect SIM-Only plan for you can take a lot of time and effort, as you have to compare SIM-only deals from a range of providers.

Once you’ve found your preferred network provider, you also need to find the deal that meets your requirements.

That’s why Lebara Mobile has put together this guide to our SIM-Only plans, so you can find the perfect one to suit your lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Lebara’s SIM-Only Deals

There are many benefits to choosing one of Lebara Mobile’s SIM-Only plans. The most obvious is that you’re not tied to a contract, which means that you can change or end your plan whenever you like.

Also, we never run credit checks when we’re bringing on a new member to our network. For a traditional phone contract, you need a credit check, and any issues with your contract could affect your credit score.

With our plans, you can quickly and easily start your plan without a credit check or any tiresome paperwork.

All you need to do is get your free SIM card from us and then choose your perfect plan. Once you’ve got your SIM, you can insert it into your phone and start enjoying the benefits of our network coverage.

As we don’t offer you a phone as part of our plans, you can choose the perfect handset that suits your needs.

Our monthly cost covers the cost of the international minutes, domestic calls, texts and data that you require.

Unlike traditional phone contracts, you’re not tied to our SIM deals for 12 months or more. Instead, you can use your plan for 30 days and then change it if you need more coverage.

So, you can get access to the best SIM-Only deals on the market every month. We give every customer this flexibility, so you can find the right plan and never have to pay for coverage that you don’t want.

We use the Vodafone network for our phone and data coverage so that you can get quality phone service throughout the UK.

A Plan For Every User

While there are many benefits to our Sim-Only deals, one of the best of these is that we offer a wide range of plans to suit every user.

That’s because we know that every phone user is different. You might want unlimited data and unlimited minutes, or you might need more texts.

All of our plans come with international minutes so that you can make international calls, which means that you can stay in touch with your loved ones around the world.

Our plans range from our most cost-effective, which gives you 2GB of data, through to our unlimited plan, which gives you unlimited domestic calls, texts and data.

In between, we have a range of plans to suit other users. Our 15GB plan, for example, gives you unlimited UK texts and unlimited UK and international minutes.

Our 10GB plan gives you unlimited texts and minutes in the UK, as well as 100 international minutes. With such a range of combinations, we can offer our customers SIM-Only phone plans that will suit any requirements and particular communication preferences.

So, whatever you want from your network, you can get it with Lebara. If you need to change your plan, you can do it after a 30 day period. The plan renews every month, so you can start the clock again and enjoy your coverage for another 30 days.

Get Add-Ons To Enhance Your SIM-Only Plan

If you only need slightly more minutes, data or texts, then you don’t need to change your plan. Instead, you can check out our add-ons and take on the extra coverage you require.

If you’ve got our unlimited plan, then you’ll get unlimited UK minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data.

You’ll also get 100 international minutes to a wide range of countries globally. Still, if you need more, we offer additional international minutes to ensure that you get the mobile coverage that suits your lifestyle.

You can add extra minutes, texts or data onto any SIM-Only deal. If you need extra per month, you should consider moving to a new plan, but if you only need a little extra to tide you over, our add-ons can help.

So, whatever plan you choose, you might need to add some extra coverage, but we’ve got you covered. It’s quick and easy for you to get additional coverage to ensure your plan is perfect every month.

Bring Friends To Our Network And Earn Money

Our customers love our mobile network and SIM-Only phone plans so much that they often tell their friends about how great they are.

That’s why we’ve launched our Refer and Earn programme. If you join our programme, you will get a unique link to share with your friends and family.

If they join our network using your link, then we’ll reward you and add money to your account. You can log in and check out how you’re doing and get the money you’ve earned to spend on the things you want.

Explore Our SIM-Only Deals Today

If you’ve decided that you like the sound of Lebara SIM-Only plans and think that one could be ideal for your phone, then you should explore the range of plans on offer.