There are many reasons why people switch carriers or network providers. A common one is that they are not happy with the level of service they are receiving. If you use your phone a lot and rely on it for business communications, you cannot afford to use an unstable network or a provider with poor coverage. The other reason is the high charges. We all want to keep our call, messaging, and data charges as low as possible and will switch if we find a network provider whose offerings align with our needs.

If you want to switch to Lebara, which has excellent SIM-only and data SIM deals and plans, you should consider keeping your existing number. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know to make the process as seamless and straightforward as possible.

Why Keep Existing Number When Switching to Lebara

There are several reasons why you should keep your existing number when switching to Lebara. The first is convenience. If you have had your current number for a while, it is tightly tied to your personal and professional contacts, including your family, friends, colleagues, and the different services you use.


If you keep the number, you do not have to go through the process of letting everyone know any new number, which ensures people can still reach you without any issues or disruptions. You also do not have to change your number on the different services you use.

Your phone number is likely tied to your online accounts, including social media, banking, and two-factor authentication. By keeping your number, you can avoid the inconvenience of updating your contact information for all these services. Doing so allows you to maintain access to these important services without the risk of losing control over them.

The second reason is familiarity. Most people have their phone numbers memorised, and your closest contacts may do, too, even in the age of smartphones. Switching to a new number when you switch networks means you must find a way to memorise this number, and your contacts will have to do too.

Keeping your existing number means you can use its familiarity to your advantage. Doing so also helps you avoid confusion amongst your contacts, who might confuse your two numbers until they are familiar with the new one.

Keeping your existing number also ensures continuity. You can transition seamlessly from one network to another and continue using your number without interruption. You also do not need to transfer data, create new accounts, or reconfigure your device.

Lastly, keeping your phone number helps you avoid fees and additional charges associated with getting a new phone number. Some carriers only charge you for the number, while others will charge an admin fee to facilitate the service.

Now that you understand why keeping your number when switching to Lebara is a good idea, how do you do it?

What You Need to Switch To Lebara

You will need a few things to make the switch possible:

  • Your existing phone number
  • The PAC Code
  • The expiry date of the PAC – This is not strictly necessary, but good to have
  • The Lebara temporary phone number

The phone number and the PAC code are the most important part of this process.

How To Get A PAC Code From [TW1] O2

If you are switching from 02 or any other provider, you need a PAC code (Porting Authorisation Code) provided by O2 or your current provider. The best way to do this, which applies to all carriers, is to send the word “PAC” to 65075 from your existing non-Lebara phone number. You will get a code within a minute or two.

O2 customers can also call 202 for free from their O2 number to receive their PAC code or sign in to their My O2 account to get it from there.

If you have multiple numbers with O2 or a Pay Monthly plan on your Apple Watch with the carrier, you cannot use the text service. You will need to sign in to My O2 or call the company to request it.

If you would like to switch more than 254 numbers, you need to give O2 a call or make multiple requests through the My O2 service to get the PAC codes for all these numbers.

How To Get A Pac Code From O2 – Things To Keep in Mind

O2 requires that you keep your PAC number in your SMS folder until the switch is complete. The PAC number is also only valid for 30 days – this applies to all PAC numbers. You need to request a new one or call them if you need one after this period or the previous one after you have switched to Lebara.

How To Get The Pac Code From O2 If You Lose It

O2 advises you to call them or use My O2 service if you lose your PAC number before the switch. Doing so will allow them to issue a new one.

Switching To Lebara Using Your Existing Number

It is best to have a Lebara SIM card before you start the switching process. You can check out our various plans and deals on our website and then purchase a SIM card. You will receive your SIM pack with all the necessary details, including your temporary Lebara phone number.

Next, you need to activate the SIM card. Doing so is as simple as inserting it into a phone, unlocking it, and then making a call, using data, or sending a text.

The next thing to do is to complete the Lebara port-in form. You will need the details we mentioned above and then choose the date you would like the process completed. It is best to choose a day when your phone is less busy. The reason is that you will likely lose network service for short periods.

If that happens, turn your phone on and off occasionally until you see the Lebara Mobile signal on your device. Some people have reported that turning airplane mode on and off helps. It is something to try, but there is no additional evidence it works beyond anecdotal evidence.

Seeing the Lebara signal on your device indicates that the process worked and that you are ready to use your old number on the new network.

Important Things to Remember

You need to contact your current provider to find out if there are any dues you need to pay before switching over. Some may require you to call to settle matters like these before sending you the PAC number, without which you cannot switch.

Second, you should only cancel your mobile contract after switching. If you do, you will likely lose your phone number and thus be unable to switch. For most providers, your account and any contract will be closed as soon as the switching is over.


Keeping your existing number when switching to a new network is a good idea as it helps you avoid a lot of hassle during the process. Switching to Lebara and keeping your existing number is relatively easy. You will need a PAC code and your current and temporary Lebara numbers. Then you need to fill in a form on the website and wait for the switch.

 [TW1]Is there a reason we are only talking about O2? It may be worth discussing other networks too.